Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Specials!

Wondering what to get a friend or relative this holiday season?  OBC Northwest has got plenty of gift ideas for you.  From now till Christmas we're promoting special gift packages that save you money, and can be shipped to anywhere in the country in a flat rate box!

Our first Holiday special is: THE SHARPENER!
For $26.45 + $8.35 flat rate shipping, you receive the necessities to sharpen any of your tools: A 6" x 2" x 1" Bench Stone and a 4 oz. bottle of honing oil!

The second Holiday special is: THE GARDENER!
This gift package would be great for any gardener...a pair of Atlas blue rubber gloves and some top quality ARS Needle nose Pruners for $15.50 + $8.35 flat rate shipping.

The next holiday special?  THE GREEN THUMB!
This package includes a pair of Felco #2 pruners, a Felco belt holster, a Corona sharpener for your new pruners, and a pair of Atlas blue rubber gloves for only $63.00 + $13.70 flat rate shipping.

The Fourth Holiday special is the OREGON OUTFIT!  
The Oregon Outfit includes a 30" Jacket, Bib Overalls, Snap-on Hood (in sizes S-XXL) and an All-weather Notebook to keep you dry and efficient in any rainy climate.  It's only $106.00 + $13.70 flat rate shipping...a small price to pay to keep you warm and dry in the Northwest!

The Fifth Holiday special is the WEED KILLER!
An Ames trowel, Ames weeder, Lever shut off and Atlas 370 Gloves for only $17.60 + $13.70 Flat rate shipping?  It's a Christmas miracle, and the perfect gift for any gardener needing some great new tools.  

The Last Holiday special is the BUD N' GRAFT!

You get Hormex #1, a pound of 6" x 3/8" x .020 Budding strips, a grafting knife and a brand new sheath for your brand new grafting knife!  Only $67.30 + $13.70 flat rate shipping.  

With all of these holiday packages, there's no way you can't find a great gift for a loved one!  Call us for more information or to order at 1.800.477.4744 or go to www.obcnw.com.

Everyone at OBC Northwest wishes you Happy Holidays!