Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introducing Earth Pots!

I'd like to introduce you to Earth Pots...the pot of the future.  Do you want to go green, and also save time and money?  Then Earth Pots are for you.

The outer wrap of the Earth Pot is a 100% degradable cellulose material to allow easy root penetration, promote root air pruning, and decompose naturally, while not disturbing roots at any time in the growing or transplant process.  

Earth Pots save time and money by reducing labor inputs.  There are no soils to mix or trays to fill on the growers end as the Earth Pots arrive to the grower ready to use!  Earth Pots reduce propagation and handling time and they have proven to reduce propagation losses as the root structure is not disturbed.  Earth Pots are sustainable because they can be used as a stand-alone plug or nested in a plastic tray that can be re-used or recycled.  Earth Pots do not require dislodging, as a standard filled propagation tray does so there is a much lower impact on the propagation tray allowing for a typical one-use tray to be re-used and recycled.

The Earth Pot is made fresh to order with custom blended natural ingredients, and the Earth Pot soils are custom blended and pH balanced to meet each grower's specifications and individual growing environment.  After an Earth Pot is transplanted, the outer wrap decomposes naturally.

The Earth Pot is a truly green solution to our ever expanding landfills.  There are no plastic pots to pick up, throw away, or chase down in the wind!

See more at, or check them out yourself at the upcoming Portland Yard, Garden and Patio show on February 18th-20th!