Thursday, October 21, 2010


Let's talk about Agrofabric today.  Now that the fall breezes are blowing, and the nights are getting chillier and chillier, Agrofabric can save your crops, and create market windows when market prices are at a premium.  So let's talk about what Agrofabric can do for you, and for your vegetables, foliage, nursery stock, citrus strawberries, containerized ornamentals and turf.

Agrofabric works by establishing a stable, favorable microclimate by capturing extra heat during the day - and then slowing the loss of stored heat at night from the soil.  It "floats" directly over crops without suffocating, crushing or breaking delicate plants.  It's porous to air, water and nutrients and UV stable to protect your crops even more.  No more depending on outside power or fuel sources to keep those crops warm through the late fall.  You can even combine AgroFabric with irrigation for an extra measure of insulation during seasonal climate changes.

Now that you know how Agrofabric can work for you, don't hesitate to order before it gets any colder!  It comes in four weights, and a variety of lengths and widths: PRO17 - Lightweight, PRO34 - Medium Weight, PRO50 - Heavy Weight and PRO70 - Extra Heavyweight.  Check out our website or call us at 1-800-477-4744 or 503-266-2021 for more information on Agrofabric.

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